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Company Key

What is a company key?

A company key is a unique alpha-numeric code that is distributed to installers using the Rosco Installer app to install cameras into your fleet. The installers must have this key before they can do any installations.

Where can I find it?

The company key menu is located in the user drop-down menu. Simply click on the portrait icon in the upper-right hand part of the screen to reveal a drop-down. At the bottom will be the option for Company Key.

How do I share it?

There are a couple different ways to share a company key:

Send it through RoscoLive

Using the Company Key menu, enter an email (or emails) you wish to send the key to and press send. You can even add an optional message to the body of the email as well.

Copy it to your clipboard

You can simply highlight the key or click the blue copy icon and then you can paste it into wherever you need it. You can paste it into a text message to send to the installer, a shared document, spreadsheet, ect,…

What happens if I regenerate my key?

The Regenerate Key button will create a new company key for your company. In doing so, this will invalidate your old company key and anyone using it will no longer be able to install devices into your company.