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The Rosco Driver App is the latest evolution in the RoscoLive mobile app family. Used with the DV6, it allows you to store your Rosco Driver ID QR code in a convenient app for quick retrieval.

Driver ID Card & Email

Your company must have driver ID enabled in order to use any of the driver ID functionality with your DV6s. If you are unsure this has been accomplished please contact Rosco technical support at 1-718-526-2601.

A driver ID code is required in order to register a driver to your company in RoscoLive. This code can be found on the front of the Rosco driver ID cards.

For creating a driver, see Drivers.
After creating the driver and entering their email address, the following will be sent to their email:

How to Use

Drivers can Scan the QR code on their driver ID and the app will display their driver ID QR code that can be used with the DV6.

If for any reason the driver cannot use the camera on their phone, manual entry is also possible:

Tap Manual Entry below the scan button

Enter the driver ID as it is seen on the driver ID card
Tap Generate

Finally you will see a success message when the QR code is generated