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DV-PRO 5 Player


DVPro5 video player software enabled Dual-Vision® XC4 customers to access their video files and manage their data. With the player, customers can download videos and configuration settings from SD cards or the RoscoLive website. Video files can be watched, downloaded and converted from .NVR to .AVI video format for playback on popular video player software. DVXC4 configurations can be customized. SD cards can be reformatted and rid of any corrupt files for optimal performance. All of this and much more can be done through the DVPro5 player.


What's New


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  • Fixed av sync bug
  • Improved audio playback
  • Improved reverse play
  • Fixed bug causing seek back to fail
  • Fixed bug causing out of sync audio when switching from a channel with no audio
  • Set the default preamp value to 10
  • Set the startup volume to 50%
  • Improved AVI combining to save space
  • Added ability to associate .nvr files on macOS
  • Fixed/improved video segment combination for AVI
  • Added .mp4 output for AVI conversion
  • Added channel combining to AVI conversion
  • Updated default settings
  • Added video segment combining to AVI conversion


  • Fixed bug causing part of the file to get skipped.
  • Fixed parking duration warning on macOS.
  • Fixed the route dialog
  • Fixed bug causing files to switch before the end.
  • Fixed signing for macOS.
  • Fixed AVI conversion bug.
  • Added audio equalizer.


  • Added LAN Settings
  • Removed Evt Column, Added A Column for ADAS
  • Auto hide I and A Column
  • Fixed Map Display Issue
  • Fixed time stamp bug
  • Fixed headway bug
  • Added Mobileye to the timeline
  • Added parsing of Mobileye alarms and filename
  • Added Speed Warning Threshold
  • Fixed a bug for audio playback issue
  • Added Speed Overlay Option in the System Settings menu