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Firmware Upgrade

Manual Upgrade

RoscoLive Remote Upgrade

The fleet firmware upgrade can only be performed by “Fleet Manager” and “Fleet Maintainer”. Please see Fleet Firmware Update for details.


Don't have the latest DV-Pro5? Download it here!
DV-Pro5 player

Latest Version

Legacy Versions

Firmware v1.9.1 Download

Please note: The firmware v1.8.0 requires formatting the SD card before or immediately after applying the upgrade. Please view the Firmware Upgrade Guide for more instructions.
Firmware v1.8.0 Download

Release Note



  • Improve logic and performance for SD error
  • Improve mini-router load on modem


  • Add the ability to upload a config file to the DM101 DMS device. To send a config file, generate and place a vehicleprofile.dat file in the upgrade folder of the SD card and boot up.
  • Finished support for the mini-router - read modem.txt file for mini-router info.
  • Add support for RS232 card reader
  • Add support for DM101 device
  • Allow the PDC to auto-detect the connected peripheral
  • Add support for streaming snapshots to RoscoLive on an interval
  • Set the filesystem label to DVXC4 when the SD card is remotely formatted
  • If an empty config file is found on the SD card, replace it with the backup copy


  • Fix a configuration issue that prevented Mobileye Headway and Pedestrian warning from being enabled properly.
  • Improves connection reliability with ROSCOLive devices
  • Improved camera recording
  • Improved SD card stability
  • Added individual toggles for all audio chimes
  • Send accumulated distance value to RL2
  • Add generic log retrieval function for RL2 to use
  • Improve modem timing to fix connection issues
  • Add more information to modem debug log
  • The MPH/KPH switch now also applies to the speed on the LCD display
  • Reboot Recorder unit on Cranking Power Loss
  • Improved Recording Stability
  • Improved Manual Shutdown
  • Support Roaming on NA-CAT1 Modem
  • Improved Recording Stability
  • Improved Audio Quality
  • Improved 4G Modem Connection
  • Added Modem OTA Function
  • Added G-sensor Flood Protection
  • Added Speed Overlay Options to display MPH/KPH
  • Added PDC Error Alert
  • Added DHCP for LAN Module
  • Added Support for Rosco-supplied modems
  • Support ADAS Events(for optional added Mobileye devices)